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Music in My Blood, Fragrance in My Soul:

From the first sunrise to the last lullaby, music was the soundtrack of my childhood. Dad’s records spun a symphony of classical masterpieces and Jazz, while my brother and I practiced our solfege, voices soaring alongside piano keys and organ pipes. 

But for me, the world’s stage was not enough. I craved the spice of “world music”, its rhythms igniting dreams of exotic adventures. Flamenco’s fiery passion resonated deep within me, each strum and cry a whispered promise of faraway lands.

And then, there was scent. 

My nose, a finely tuned instrument, could map memories onto each fragrant note. A whiff of spice, and I’d be lost in bustling Moroccan souks. A hint of citrus, and I’d be basking under Corsican sunshine. Music and scent, two languages of the soul, weaving their magic through my days.

Having honed my craft in the fragrance and beauty industry for over 10 years, I bring a wealth of experience and a passion for creating clean and pure scents. My journey has led me to a deep understanding of how scents can evoke emotions and memories, and I am committed to infusing my products with clean and pure energy.

It’s no wonder the perfumer’s vocabulary echoes with musical terms: chords, compositions, notes. Just like music’s frequencies orchestrate emotions, scents hold the power to rewrite our internal landscapes. The perfect harmony of a perfume, a symphony of top, middle and base notes, can recalibrate our very being. 

So it’s no coincidence - perfumery is music for the nose, a fragrant concerto that dances with our deepest desires.

I trust that Initial’s line of aromatherapy balms brings you to the promised land of your divine Self, and helps you recalibrate, again and again… 

Thank you for being here

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