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Initial Balm - Sous-Bois

Initial Balm - Sous-Bois

Breathe Deep in the Forest: Introducing the “Sous-Bois” Ritual

Forget the ordinary. Step into the “Sous-Bois” sanctuary, a haven of earthy calm nestled in a luxurious green tin. This woody-fresh blend is your passport to tranquility, whispering reassurance with every aromatic note.

Unwind and discover:

  • A 3g balm of grounding magic: Infused with the soul of the forest, it soothes your nervous system, leaving you feeling safe, stable, and deeply centered.
  • A semi-precious thumbstone: Your pocket anchor, anchoring your energy with each touch.
  • A silky travel pouch: As soft as moss and as convenient as sunlight filtering through leaves, it protects your fragrant haven wherever you wander.
  • A personalized note, just for you: A daily dose of forest wisdom, yours to cherish with each application.

This botanical blend is a Vata’s best friend. When your Air element swirls a little too wild, “Sous-Bois” embraces you with the grounding comfort of ancient trees and the focus of a sun-dappled forest floor.

Here is the olfactory pyramid for "Sous-Bois":

🍊 Notes de Tête: Sweet Orange

🪻 Notes de Coeur: Clary Sage, Lavender

🌳 Notes de Fond: Vetiver, Spikenard

Unfamiliar with your Ayurvedic constitution? No worries! Take the quick test in our main menu and unlock the perfect botanical sanctuary for your unique inner landscape. If you want to take an in-depth Ayurvedic quiz, you can do it here.

Embrace the ritual. Breathe in the peace. Let “Sous-Bois” root you in tranquility. 

Love note: Our products are handmade with love and celebrate the art of imperfection. Please embrace the charm of slight variations! Because who needs perfection when we can have personality!

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