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Initial Balm - Fougère

Initial Balm - Fougère

Unleash the Fern Within: Fougère, Your Aromatic Awakening

Forget wilting violets and predictables florals. Fougère is a wild dance in the forest, a whisper of moss and fern carried on the wind. This isn’t just a scent, it’s botanical adventure bottled in luxury.

Dive deep with:

  • A 3g balm of verdant magic: Patchouli and Cedarwood intertwine, spiced with citrusy whispers, anchored by oriental depth. Shake up your routine, Kapha dosha!
  • A semi-precious thumbstone: Your grounding talisman, channeling the earth’s energy with every touch.
  • A silky travel pouch: As soft as fern fronds and as convenient as a sunbeam, it protects your aromatic oasis wherever you roam.
  • A personalized note, just for you: A daily dose of forest wisdom, a reminder to unleash your inner fire.

This unisex blend is a symphony of character, a perfect match for those who crave the unexpected. It’s the scent of adventure, of mossy trails and sun-dappled clearings. It’s you, wilder and bolder, dancing to your own rhythm.

Here is the olfactory pyramid for "Fougère":

🍊 Notes de Tête: Bergamot

🌿 Notes de Coeur: Fir Balsam, Patchouli

🌳 Notes de Fond: Cedarwood, Myrrh

Ready to awaken your inner fern? Take the Ayurvedic test in our main menu and discover the perfect botanical blend to set your soul ablaze. If you desire to take a more in-depth test, you can take it here.

Embrace the ritual. Breathe in the wild. Let Fougère ignite your Spirit.

Love note: Our products are handmade with love and celebrate the art of imperfection. Please embrace the charm of slight variations! Because who needs perfection when we can have personality!

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