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Initial Balm - Rêverie

Initial Balm - Rêverie

Embark on a journey of harmonizing your inner elements with Rêverie Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Balm, a delicate fusion of nature's finest essences crafted to balance Vata-Kapha dosha.

Inside, discover:

  • A 3g balm of pure tranquility: infused with floral whispers and calming notes, it’s your instant stress-buster on the go.

  • A semi-precious thumb stone: Your pocket Zen master, balancing your energy with every touch.

  • A silky travel pouch: As cute as it is convenient, it’s the perfect haven for your fragrant sanctuary.

  • A personalized note, just for you: A daily dose of inspiration, tucked away to be rekindled with each application.

Here is the olfactory pyramid for "Rêverie ":

🍋 Notes de Tête: Lemon

💮 Notes de Coeur: Vanilla, Clary Sage

🌳 Notes de Fond: Spruce and Myrrh

Nestled within the box, alongside the balm, lies a thumb stone attuned to the harmonization of Vata-Kapha dosha, offering tactile support in your journey towards equilibrium. Accompanying this is a beautifully crafted card adorned with self-care prompts, guiding you to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

Don’t know your Ayurvedic type? No worries! Take the quick test in our main menu and unlock the perfect bouquet for your unique inner landscape. You can also take a more extensive Quiz here.  

Embrace the ritual. Inhale the harmonious blend. Let Rêverie awaken the symphony of balance within you.

Love note: Our commitment to handcrafting each product with love ensures that every experience with Rêverie is as unique and special as you are. Embrace the beauty of imperfection, for it is in these nuances that true beauty resides.


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