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We are a health and wellness brand that believes in the power of self-discovery and finding joy within ourselves. Our exquisite line of Ayurvedic aromatherapy solid fragrances provides subtle balancing tools to support your journey. At our core Green. Emerald of life, it paints vast swaths of nature, a vibrant tapestry that paints a vibrant symphony. This verdant pulse nourishes not just the plant world, but our very existence. In the theater, it becomes a talisman of good luck, while in the West, it ignites the flame of progress. Initial. The seed of your being, etched in the first strokes of your name. It whispers of renewal, a phoenix rising from the ashes, a sapling bursting through the earth. This is the essence of a new beginning, a commitment to self-discovery. #solidfragrances #cleanbeauty #nontoxicbeauty #artisanfragrance #sustainableluxury #quietluxury #aromatherapy #ayurvedicaromatherapy #aromatherapy #Initial #Initialbalms #weareinitial #Aucommencement #newbeginnings

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